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Latte Art Workshop咖啡拉花工作坊

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Coffee is not only a trend, but also an interpretation of slowness of life. People are willing to spare time to sit in a coffee shop to enjoy a cup of coffee. Latte Art is indeed attracting more companions to the coffee world.

Kolb Coffee is pleased to launch Latte Art workshop for coffee lovers to learn more about the coffee making process, you can also brew your own coffee and experience latte art. Join us and be a one day Barista.

Latte Art Workshop content includes:

-          Introduction of coffee history, processing and production

-          Introduce operation of espresso machine and coffee grinder

-          Espresso making

-          Steaming milk foam

-          Make Caffe Latte & Cappuccino

-          Free pouring latte art patterns and etching skills training

For enquiry: email to "kolbcoffee@kolb-hk.com"


因此Kolb Coffee推出拉花工作坊,希望讓更多人去認識一杯咖啡的製作過程還可以親身製作咖啡和創作杯上的拉花圖案在過程中體會每一位咖啡師對咖啡的熱誠和喜愛.


  • 簡介咖啡歷史及生產過程
  • 簡介半自動意式咖啡機及磨豆機之操作
  • 學習製作特濃咖啡
  • 學習使用蒸氣捧煮牛奶
  • 製作Caffe LatteCappuccino
  • 拉花示範及體驗劃花技巧



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