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RR Coffee Drip Bag Gift Set 掛耳包套裝

  • Brand: RR
  • Product Code: 900-DBGS01
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The gift set includes a bookshelf box and three books (journeys):  Coffee Journey, Art Journey and Enjoyment Journey. There are five flavors of coffee drip bags in each book (journey) including selections of Fair Trade, BIO Organic coffee, Decaffeinated, Espresso and Roma, origin from different coffee growing regions and roasted in Italy and Switzerland.

掛耳包套裝以書盒形設計,一套共三本書。每本書是一個旅程 (咖啡、藝術及享受旅程) 各含五種口味的咖啡拼配,包括公平認證及歐盟有機認證咖啡,低因咖啡,意式咖啡及羅馬拼配咖啡,搜羅自世界各地咖啡產區,於意大利及瑞士烘焙。

How to brew 沖泡方法

All you need is a mug and hot water (85-90 degree Celsius) and simply pour hot water into the coffee drip bag. In less than one minute to enjoy your coffee.


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