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Coffee Journey 咖啡旅程

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There are five flavors of coffee drip bags in the Coffee Journey including selections of Fair Trade, BIO Organic coffee, Decaffeinated, Espresso and Roma, origin from different coffee growing regions and roasted in Italy and Switzerland.

The coffee farmer basically defines the character & complexity of coffee through how they plant and harvest the bean. Processing is also the key for standing out the bean's characters from the factory. Moreover, coffee roaster decides the style & flavor through how they deep they roast it. Finally, Barista  giving their best to perform the uniqueness of coffee for you. This is how normally artist provides such fruitful journey for us.


一粒咖啡豆需要咖啡農的種植和採收去奠定風味的複雜性, 處理廠的處理去突顯自身的風味, 烘焙師的烘焙去決定要帶出的風味, 最後需要咖啡師的沖煮去演繹出你手中的那一杯咖啡. 這是藝術家給予我們的一段旅程.

How to brew 沖泡方法

All you need is a mug and hot water (85-90 degree Celsius) and simply pour hot water into the coffee drip bag. In less than one minute to enjoy your coffee.


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