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Enjoyment Journey 享受旅程

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There are five flavors of coffee drip bags in the Coffee Journey including selections of Fair Trade, BIO Organic coffee, Decaffeinated, Espresso and Roma, origin from different coffee growing regions and roasted in Italy and Switzerland.

To enjoy the unique flavor of coffee from 5 different drip bag. It gives you such a pleased feeling when you enjoy the coffee with the mood of the moment.


享受旅程中五種不同風味的咖啡掛耳包都能給你帶來五種不同的感覺, 配合你當下的心情去享受, 能令你有種幸福的感覺.

How to brew 沖泡方法

All you need is a mug and hot water (85-90 degree Celsius) and simply pour hot water into the coffee drip bag. In less than one minute to enjoy your coffee.


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