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Nowadays, coffee is our daily drinks essential. RR by Kolb Coffee upholds the belief of “Like No Others”, providing a platform for coffee lovers to pick their favorite brewing accessories, from coffee beans to powder and coffee pod, or an easily brewed coffee drip bags, as well to share coffee knowledge through workshops and events. It is brought to you by a team of coffee connoisseur and certified baristas of Specialty Coffee Association.
For details: please visit www.kolbcoffee.com
咖啡不單單是我們日常的需要, 更是一種生活態度. 所以RR by Kolb Coffee的出現就是希望可以提供一個和大家分享咖啡喜悅的平台.
RR 'like no others' 意味著我們願意去滿足你對咖啡獨一無二的需求. 無論是咖啡豆, 咖啡粉, 咖啡濾包抑或是最簡單的咖啡掛耳包, 我們都可以為你的需要去準備.
RR by Kolb Coffee 為了讓大家深入認識咖啡世界, 我們會與一些已受咖啡協會認證的咖啡師透過咖啡活動以及咖啡工作坊和大家分享咖啡知識.
 詳情請瀏覽: www.kolbcoffee.com