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Orchestrale - Nota

  • Brand: Orchestrale
  • Product Code: 900-ORNOTA
  • Availability: In Stock

Dimension: 450(H) x 370(W) x 440(D) mm

咖啡機尺寸: 450() x 370() x 440(深) mm

Power: 220V / 1500W                                                     火數: 1500

Water: Fix-water / Water tank 3L                                 固定來水/水箱容量: 3升

Group Head: 58mm Stainless Steel Group Head          58毫米不銹鋼沖煮濾網

Steam Wand: 360 degree movement; 4 nozzle             360 度移動幅度; 4 孔設計

Features 咖啡機特色:

E61 raised brewing groups E61咖啡沖煮器

Boiler (3 lt.) of copper, pipes of copper and pipe fittings of brass 3L 鍋爐

Water loading from water tank of 2.8Lt. with capacitive level detector 2.8L水位檢測器

Built-in RPM single-phase motor pump with air cooling 內置RMP單相電機泵

Easy to adjust boiler pressure switch 自動調節鍋爐沖煮壓力

LED lights on the back panel 咖啡機背面配有LED燈

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